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tel.: 221 716 333
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Divadlo Archa

The Archa Theatre is the major venue in Prague for contemporary theatre, dance, music and multimedia from leading Czech and international artists.

Archa is an English friendly theatre, with many 'no language barrier' concerts and dance and physical theatre performances. We also strive, through additional written materials in English, to make Czech language performances as accessible as possible to non-Czech speaking audiences.

Below is an outline of performances we particularly recommend for non-Czech speakers, and we hope you will come and explore what Archa has to offer!

If you have any further queries about our performances, please do not hesitate to contact Frances Milsom, either by email: frances.milsom@archatheatre.cz or on (+42 0) 221 716 104

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We look forward to seeing you at the Archa Theatre!


New Year highlights for non-Czech speakers:


International Theatre Project:

Paradise of the Heart, Labyrinth of the World

Don’t miss this international project involving theatre students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Paradise of the Heart, Labyrinth of the World, inspired by Komensky’s famous work and directed by the award winning directing duo SKUTR, is a crossover, mainly non-verbal theatre production, combining movement, physical theatre, acrobacy and live music and singing in a humorous and poetical adventure.

No language barrier rate: 80%


Lecture, dance workshop and concert:

Tarantula Passionata
Lecture, dance workshop and concert from the Italian group AIORESIS, uncovering the secrets of Pizzica, a centuries-old form of traditional dance and music from Southern Italy.

Concert. No language barrier rate: 100%


Dance at Archa Theatre:

LaS Company - Ladislav Soukup and Kristýna Lhotáková: Hansel and Gretel
This latest dance performance from Soukoup and Lhotáková uses very young dancers and examines the themes of childhood and youth.

Dance. No language barrier rate: 100%

Yasunari Tamai and Vladimír Javorský - Don Quixote of Hakushu.
The outstanding modern butó dancer Yasunari Tamai has collaborated with National Theatre actor Vladimír Javorský to prepare an original show on the theme of Don Quixote. Part of Archa's festival of contemporary new wave Japanese theatre.

Dance. No language barrier rate: 100%



Yann Tiersen & band
The French multi-instrumentalist and composer of the Amélie soundtrack Yann Tiersen presents a rock remix of his dreamlike melodies. 
Concert. No Language Barrier rate: 100%


Lisa Gerrard

At this one off concert in Czech Republic, Lisa Gerrard, composer and one half of the cult Australian group Dead Can Dance will be presenting pieces from the new compilation album “The Best of Lisa Gerrard”, which includes both songs recorded with Brendan Perry from the Dead Can Dance era and also contemporary solo material and pieces from high profile films.

The Tiger Lillies, Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto: Mountains of Madness
Legendary British group The Tiger Lillies, together with Alexander Hack and Danielle de Piccioto, present a live audio – visual homage to the founder of modern horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Concert. No Language Barrier rate: 100%


Performances from the Archa Theatre’s Archa.lab:

The start of the new year brings the opportunity to see all the current performances from Archa Theatre’s Archa.lab…….

In DREAMING.ANDERSEN the stories of artists from the street confront the story of Hans Christian Andersen whose road to fame was lined with failure and disappointment, with live music provided by composer Michal Nejtek and Czech hip hoppers…. Also inspired by the life of Andersen, the performance Understand uses acrobatics, dance, physical theatre and live music to present a world of beautiful fantasies and terrifying neuroses that can be difficult to distinguish.The performances Chat - Dangerously Easy Liaisons and Nickname both examine the modern phenomenon of internet ‘chat’ and in 8 - Birds Black, Tits Great, SKUTR and Rost’a Novák present a one man show of puppetry and acrobatics by a descendant of the most famous family in Czech puppetry and circus.


DREAMING.ANDERSEN, Understand & 8 - Birds Black, Tits Great -  

No Language barrier rate: 60%

Nickname & Chat: Dangerously Easy Liaisons -

No language barrier rate: 50%

All performances are in Czech but are highly visual and musical, incorporating dance, physical theatre and multimedia, and are  great for people who want get a taste of contemporary Czech theatre.