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Archa Theatre

Sunday, January 14th 2007, 20:00 | Archa Theatre

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Dreaming.Andersen - photo by Jiří Volek Dreaming.Andersen - photo by Jiří Volek Dreaming.Andersen - photo by Jiří Volek 



A new project from Jana Svobodova’s team that brought you the successful shows Chat – Dangerously Easy Liaisons (2003) and At 11:20am I will be Leaving You! (2005).
During the day Martin does maintenance for an apartment block; at night he spray-paints the metro. Petr wants to dance but does not know how. Richard yearns to sing, but lost his voice. How do you earn appreciation and respect? How do you find your own gift? Is it possible to become an artist without an artistic education?
In DREAMING.ANDERSEN the stories of artists from the street confront the story of Hans Christian Andersen whose road to fame was lined with failure, disappointment, humiliation, and ridicule. Here we have the matchstick girl—a Chinese girl who seeks her dream in Prague. We also have a composer who creates music from every sound he hears. And above them all hovers the spirit of the famous writer, whose fate kept him from becoming a dancer, a poet, or a singer and who spent so many years before finding his true talent.
As the celebrations for Andersen’s bicentennial are ending, what can we take away from it?

DREAMING.ANDERSEN was written and created by Jana Svobodova’s artistic team composed of Czech Hip-Hoppers, a Chinese actress, and a composer.

Concept and Direction: Jana Svobodová.
Directing and scenography cooperation: Dowis a Cossiga.
Music: Michal Nejtek. Featuring: Dowis, Cossiga, Rosen, Lu Jing, Michal Nejtek.


  • Modern quest for a dream inspired by Andersen

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