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Archa Theatre
Dangerously easy liaison. An on-line theatre performance for four players.

Saturday, January 27th 2007, 20:00 | Archa Theatre

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Photo: Jiří Volek Photo: Jiří Volek Photo: Jiří Volek 

"A wonderful textbook of 'chatting' for the uninitiated, as well as a fun show for those who already have a handle on it. And all of it accompanied by the rhythms of beatboxers Freaky Jesus and Cossiga." Instinkt, 8.9.2006



A new Archa Theatre project that looks at the pitfalls of modern communication. Internet communication seems to be an easier, more effective and more fun way of meeting people than direct human contact. Is this really the case? Aren't these so-called communication technologies just cleverly planted traps?

Chat, is a virtual form of a conversation, in which two or more people communicate with each through the means of the Internet. The people don't have to know each other and can even each be sitting at computers located at opposite ends of the globe. They do not use their real names, but use an alias, which is called a nick. Their hidden identity allows them to create a whole new persona. They become characters in a communication game. As characters, they can meet in virtual "rooms". They can "talk" together about loneliness, or "go" to an adjoining room, where they "whisper". The discussion can be general chitchat or related to a specific topic.

In our performance, a manager in an advertising agency meets a nurse on the Chat over the course of four nights. Within a short time, they find out that what brought them together in this virtual meeting, in addition to loneliness, is a passion for games. Each of them creates several virtual characters, into which they project their hidden hopes, dreams and passions. This adventurous and potentially wounding virtual meeting creates an urgent desire for them to meet in the real world. Is there an end to the game? Is it possible that their game can have a happy end?

The story is prepared in the stylized language of Internet communication. This language has its own vocabulary, special grammar and, in addition to new words, is also based on symbols and graphic illustrations. The whole performance is a type of theatrical comics full of surprising twists, transformations, technological plays, fun and outright sentimentality. The rhythm of the performance has been set to the beatbox music hip/hop scene of Freaky Jesus and Cossiga.

Because the content of our heroes chat has not been censored, this performance is not recommended for children.

Script: Mazda, directed by: JAWA 450, playing: Ritta, Zorro DX, Freaky Jesus and Cossiga.

This performance was created with the support of a grant by the Prague City Magistrate and was part of Archa Theatre's "Chat" cycle for the 2003/2004 season.

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