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Archa Theatre
Tarantula Passionata

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007, 17:30 | Archa Theatre

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Tarantella Passionata - photo: archive Tarantella Passionata - photo: archive Tarantella Passionata - photo: archive 

Pizzica music utilizes special instruments, mainly tambourine and drums, violin, flute and local instruments and, together with Pizzica dance (also known as “the Spider Dance”), is believed to cure victims of tarantism, a deadly envenomation resulting from the bite of a kind of wolf spider called tarantula. Although, in reality, the spider's venom does not cause severe effects, the tradition of ‘curing’ tarantism with frenetic dance and music dates back centuries, and there are many different regional variations, including Pizzica.

Pizzica (pinch) comes from the Salento region of Apulia, in the 'heel' of the Italian 'boot'.
Since the 1970s, the Pizzica musical style has enjoyed a revival and now it is one of the most popular dance rhythms not only in Salento, but also all over Italy. In the performance Tarantula Passionata, Aioresis will not only perform the traditional Pizzica music but will also be accompanied live on stage by Pizzica dancers.


Aioresis are one of the most popular and interesting bands playing Pizzica, and they perform not only traditional Pizzica songs, but also their own original interpretations, even creating their own music and lyrics. Their repertoire includes songs of protest, love songs, lullabies and serenades. Their latest album, Fuori la Voce (2005), is the band’s most mature work to date and Aioresis express themselves through fiery rhythms, passionate ballads and delicate chants. However, the power of Aioresis’ music is best felt during their live performances, where the audience cannot help but dance and let themselves be carried away by the rhythms of a magical, ancient energy. Aioresis are: Massimiliano Però (Barrel organ, vocals), Alain My (Guitar, Vocals), Giulio Bianco (Flute and Flute dolce, Bagpipes, Harmonica), Francesca Dipierro (Tambourine, Vocals), Andrea Luperto (Tambourine, Cornice) and Andrea Polimeno and Chiara Dell'Anna (Dancers).
In addition to the concert, Aioresis will be holding a workshop in which the secrets of the Pizzica instruments and Pizzica dance steps will be uncovered and the event will also be accompanied by a lecture on the subject open to the public.


In co-operation with Tolerance 95 and La cucina Italiana.